Asian Hostage Prison Sex

There the bitch was.. Sneakn up behind us.. the little oriental cunt.. Diddnt matter if she was Korean, Chinese, fukn Fillipino, Everyone hated her and everyone wanted to fuck Her!!! Little Slant eyed slut ran the whole laundry like it was a Prison Camp!! Well.. It WAS a prison camp.. but she made it the worst steamed hot hell you could imagine. Ova Wen was the Hottest long Haired Asian bitch you could imagine. Long Black hair and a tight ass!! All packaged up in a frame under 5 foot!!!! Like fuckn your sisters Barbie doll.

So.. The Crypts had been creepn on that Asian Ass.. They had kissed her ass and licked her storm trooper boots till all the Bloods were outa the laundry and the Crypts were the Black force on sight!!!

And the Aztecs had run Tongo Blasters Out. It was a never ending freak show or carnival on those blocks.. You were lucky if they didnt cut the ass out of your under shorts and pants when they did Laundry!